Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First ever gDayX in Iloilo

Last April 26, 2014 at Amigo Terrace Hotel, all business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, students and freelancer's also those who work Information technology in IloiloCity who are interested and wants to learn how technology works for their businesses and profession gathered on this free event the Google Business Group: GDayXIloilo.

Speakers from the different Google communities and other relevant industries discuss various topics on technology, marketing and social media. 

Hopefully there will be more events like this. 

Thank's Google Business Group Iloilo for your hard work.
Also to the sponsors I hope you will not get tired sponsoring this very educational event.

Thanks Liez,Penny and GBGIloilo for the pictures.

 Sorry for this picture, I only have a point and shoot camera


Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream (Love this Product)

Momma's gonna review this BB Cream, thank's so much to the blog owner of  ala tourista for this gift. Been using it for a while now and I'm loving it. 

Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream is a life saver it make's my skin come alive, not that I look like a zombie but my complexion is pale and don't get me starting to talk about pimple/acne scars I have loots of it. This product awakens my face and hide's those scars. This is a gift, I love free stuff's... who doesn't right? So here goes my review.

Why momma love's Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream? Because it
   Moisturizes and protects your stressed skin
   with the three multi-functions such as 
 1. UV protection (UV protection effects with SPF30, PA++) this product double blocks UV B ray and UV A ray
 2.improvement of fine wrinkles and 
 3. brightens your skin tone 
It has waterproof feature carries out the multi-functions remaining continuously on your skin against water and sweat.

Just remember if you have oily skin like I do, apply your moisturizer first, then apply your BB cream, or you can use BB cream instead just make sure your face is clean.
A pea size of this product can go a long way it can cover un even skin tone and it's easy to spread, no strong smell and feels light on skin. I like this swear!

But a word of caution, avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sun burned skin. And stop using when skin becomes red or if you feel itchy or feel burning sensation your allergic to some ingredients so common sense stop using it. And careful on the eye area it's a sensitive area okey.
Avoid storing it under direct sunlight or high and low temperature.

I don't know why on the packaging it say's avoid using on pimples or blemishes. But on my case it perfectly covers my blemishes and pimples. Maybe it depends on a persons skin type or sensitivity. Also in my case having a sensitive skin this BB Cream is perfect. 

The price is around Php 200.00 50ml available at Watsons.

Bare face,pardon my eye brows, I have no moisturizer or anything on my face! 

    With Purederm BB Cream pimples not that visible I also tried using different lights from my camera so that you can see the difference.

A pea size of this cream goes a long way, just apply a small amount around your face and neck of course... then using your fingers spread it evenly.

And to wrap things up I'm leaving you this picture, I can't get enough looking at him he grows up fast, I miss him being a baby. This guy is my stress buster, my source of strength I love him so, so much.

Fashion Face-Off

Are you in for a Fashion Face-Off Challenge? The top trends for spring have officially  sprung. It's time for a trend show down! From crop tops to floral. No matter which fashion craze you crave. Lulu*s wants to know in their Fashion Face-Off Instagram ContestThis weeks' face-off is between #teamleather and #teamlace! Enter via Instagram for a chance to be featured and score a $500 gift card to LuLu*s! 

**DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using those links.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.
Albert Einstein

Resurrection and Fun Stuff's When It's Raining

Happy Easter Everyone! As I'm typing right now my son is screaming "Nanay! out.. (He wants me to stop working and just be with him, I love that but... momma needs to upload pictures first) Then spend the day by being on my son's side, since tomorrow I'll be back to work again. 

This past day's I know other went on a vacation, I hope they haven't forgotten to spend time with Jesus, speaking of spending time with Jesus, we went to 3 churches to reflect this lenten season. And spent the remaining day's at home playing, watching frozen and cars for a million times. 

The first church we visited is the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, where the Our Lady of Candle's Shrine is located.

  Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral

That;s my lovely mom with my son, our relatives have been commenting that I look like my mom when she was young, now I know what I will look like when I'm on my 50's 

The Second church is The Saint Clements Church in Lapaz Iloilo City, they have a novena every Wednesday to Our Lady of Perceptual Help, I used to attend the novena mass at 4pm, used because that was the time I was a fresh graduate no commitments yet. Now I attend the 7am novena mass at The San Jose Parish Church right across Plaza Libertad.

  Saint Clements Church

 The third chruch we visited  The San Jose Parish Church, you may ask why attend a mass at 7am it's too early, you see I work at night week days from 9 pm to 6 am thats why, so when people are awake getting ready to work during the day I on the other hand is just going to end my day.... end meaning sleep around noon because I do have motherly duties.

The Our Lady of Candles Shrine or Nuestra Senora dela Candelaria is said to be miraculous the image is believed to grow you can read the rest of the story here

 This guy is my favorite piece of art, love him to infinity and beyond

There are a lot of magnificent and historical churches that you can visit in Iloilo also Spanish Houses, architectures that are preserved so that tourist and the next generation can see.

And for the fun stuff's... who say's that it's no fun when it's raining? My sin got the chance to enjoy the joyful feeling when it rain's. And no he didn't get sick after...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weekend Links (in advance) ♥

This Holy Week, may everyone have a solemn reflection on Jesus, not only during Holy Week but best if everyday. Attend a mass better if we have a confession first or just go to a chapel pray, have a way of the cross, join the Religious Procession. And here's some links of the blog's I follow and last another easy way of our Holy Week reflection you can log out to you facebook sacrifice an hour or more from your usual time you spent online. 

For a brutally honest blog check MBB she writes about opinions straight to the point.And Oh dear drea I'll go make one like her Ridiculous And Fun Toddler Craft  any one interested on Meditation and How to take great photo's using your point and shoot camera and another good read's about being ok and on fear and the hard stuffs 

There you go enjoy reading or following those links. And be safe.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On RH Law

I am a mother, I'm a Roman Catholic I am against abortion but I insist on  The Responsible Parenthood, for the people who are against RH Law Please consider that WOMEN'S HEALTH MATTERS.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oasap Summer Print Collection

Momma have been joining Oasap on there giveaway on twitter or on facebook  which by the way they have a share, like and comment promo to win free clothe's also on twitter go check them out, and since momma here (thats me) is on a budget it's quite embarrassing but I admit I need new clothe's can't blame me my son's needs comes first.  Mommas top 5 choices of Oasap's Summer Print Collection are






Details Here:


Saturday, April 12, 2014

On Benzathine Benzylpenicillin (Zalpen)

Benzathine Benzylpenicillin (Zalpen) this antibiotic is my pain partner every 28 days, This medication is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. It may also be used to prevent certain bacterial infections, given by injection into a large muscle meaning I will be injected in the upper portion of my butt, it's the area where you put a belt on your jeans.

I had my first injection this Friday morning, but before that I need to have a skin test, to see if I'm allergic to this medication. I had two skin test on both arms one is for the Zalpen and the other for lidocaine. I spent the whole morning in the E.R for this procedure. Good thing about staying in Iloilo Doctors Hospital's E.R is that it's comfortable, no rude nurse's or staff's. They are courteous. The nurse in-charge who assisted me is kind enough to guide me about the test and the procedure, also the two nurses who lend there help. 

After the injection, actually I still feel pain in the injection area. It's painful for atleast two days, but tolerable.  They told me to sit for a while but I insisted of going home and rest there, men the pain while walking... I need to get used to this, since I will be in this painful moment every 28 days. 

I also have my thyroid hormones tested by extracting blood on my arm to have my thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) processed and another which I forgot the term of the test. I'll be getting the result today and I really hope the result is normal. I just don't like the medical technician who took my blood she's suppose to inform me or the patient's she's going to insert the needle, but she failed to do so. And I bet I'll have a black and gray mark on my arm where they extracted the blood.

Friday, April 11, 2014

To All Mother's, Soon to be Mother's This Is For You

Truth is a lot of women are not that informed when it comes to breast feeding. Some are misguided or they just go with what the doctors who are not breast feeding advocate/ friendly to use formula milk. Another truth is a lot of hospitals are not breast feeding friendly. 

With this mothers formed a group to spread awareness, educate other mothers about the importance of breast feeding on facebook there is Breast Feeding Ilonggas and also La Leche League of the Philippines and Beauty Brains and Breastfeeding All groups are willing to lend a hand when it comes to breast feeding awareness. And Beauty Brains and Breastfeeding founders Ms. Patricia Hizon and Ms. Iza Abeja will launch and share, how they have reached the farthest places in the country to help lactating women in distress especially during Typhoon Yolanda, and their noble mission to spread awareness about the importance of breastfeeding in the country. In the event also were UNICEF Chief Nutrition Specialist Henry Mdebwe who gave a short speech about how this international organization sees the need for social awareness about breastfeeding in the country. In line with BBB’s mission is a fundraising 3km and 5km fun run titled “Nurture Run : Awareness for Breastfeeding During Emergency And In The Workplace “. This will be held in on May 18 Venue Still To Be Announced. We encourage everyone to join this event and help spread awareness on the importance of breastfeeding for every moms who have babies, no matter what their status of living is. As Mommy Bloggers Philippines are composed of moms, we share BBB’s compassion and vision to help specially those who live in the remote areas who aren’t educated how easier, safer and much healthier breastfeeding is than infant formula.

Here’s the website for pre-registration
The Facebook page
The event page
The twitter page

Last but not the least be aware of Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009

More on the importance of breast feeding since I'm from Iloilo the Breast Feeding Ilonggas will held a gathering in June with La Leche League. 

Iloilo City The Best City To Live

I am proud to be an Ilonggo, Iloilo City may not be perfect like any cities but it offers a lot when it come's to heritage, culture,food, people and places. Do you need reasons why Iloilo City is the Best City to Live?
Well then take time to read this, not only ten reasons but there are a lot of reasons actually. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Want's Updated

 For my eyebrow since I'm not gifted with thick one's

 Hopefully on my son's birthday I want to go here, even for a night

 For my lips

Or here for my son's birthday or when hubby come's home.
And this one I like water proof make up when it come's to eye brows

I'm not that vain, but I do use make up especially when it come's to eye brows, the stuff on my bucket list are pricey but I'm contented using the one I have right now its by avon their ultra luxury brow liner, but who knows maybe the universe will conspire I'll have one of the stuff's on my wish list.