Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lolita Bloomers Gift

To express our gratefulness to all our customers, a special activity will beheld in this
month. Anyone who orders 2 dresses in our store one time at random will be get a piece of lolita bloomers as gift!! Do not miss this chance : * Free = Shipping + Custom made + Lolita gift + Underskirt * Up to 50% off * 5% coupon for new customer * Valid time: August 1-- 31 Ocrun is the leading supplier of online shopping for Lolita clothing. Ocrun’s mission is to provide our consumers and partners with products of high quality, low price, fast distribution and professional service. Lolita is a very special fashion style featuring its childlike innocence and old-fashioned elegance.There are three main types of lolita clothing: sweet lolita, elegant gothic lolita and classic lolita. But you may also find other styles of lolita clothing here such as school lolita dresses, cosplay lolita dresses, gothic victorian dresses and so on. Welcome to ocrun.com, thanks!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

About Ocrun.com

Ocrun is the leading supplier of online shopping for Lolita clothing.
Ocrun’s mission is to provide our consumers and partners with products of high quality, low price, fast distribution and professional service.

Lolita is a very special fashion style featuring its childlike innocence and old-fashioned elegance.There are three main types of lolita clothing: sweet lolita, elegant gothic lolita and classic lolita. But you may also find other styles of lolita clothing here such as school lolita dresses, cosplay lolita dresses, gothic victorian dresses and so on. Welcome to ocrun.com, thanks!

* Custom made for free!
* Up to 50% off!
* Sign up get 5% coupon!
* Free shipping!!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Find The Same Style With Lesser Price At Oasap

Shopping online with a limited budget or you're one of those who tries there luck joining free trial's or you just love searching for fashion trends online. OASAP  will be a great  help, OASAP's mission is to get you closer to the planet's most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in.
Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman, founded in late 2011, and has  grown to be the leader of high fashion online stores. 

Here's some of Oasap's Product that can be bought from a lesser price, this little black dress from those simple but daring who's beauty come's out when they wear this black dress.

Oasap Black Strapless Long Dress $23.9

H&M Strapless Dress $24.95

This Eye-catching Strap Chiffon Maxi Dress used to be $35.9 now it's$23.34


while on H&M it's $24.95


Check this Sexy Leopard Dress playful print yet stylish

                    John Zack Shift Dress In Colourful Leopard Print


                                              Sexy Leopard Dress



Another to try is this  Eyes Print Sleeveless Dress $22.99


while at Oasap it's $18.9


That's just a preview of what Oasap  can offer visit there website to see more bargain dresses, blouse and more, it's worth your time.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Romwe 3D Print Rose D T-Shirt, $9.99 only on 5/22

Don't miss the chance to get it ! Dior printed on front, scoop neck and short 


Design shows off female beauty elegance and energy. Comfortable yet 

sporty. Romwe exclusive edition. Affordable and fashionable. 

Here you can see the delicate and charming Dior& Rose Print T-shirt:

However  not everyone can get it! There's Only 500 pieces and it will be shipped within 24 hours, and we are offering 60 days return policy if you are not satisfied with the sweatshirt.
Free shipping worldwide! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LuLu*s Big Memorial Day Sale

LuLu*s Big Memorial Day Sale is coming up! Starting on May 23rd, customers can get an EXTRA 30% off ALL Sale items using the coupon code MEMORIAL14 That's up to 70% Off! The sale runs through Monday, May 26

You can preview the Memorial Day Sale Here Check back on May 23rd for many m ore Markdowns

Rochelle Rivera Blog First Year Anniversary Giveaway

Momma love's free stuff's, well actually I've been joining giveaway's, free trial's to score some free awesome price's. Luckily it pay's off even though some of my friends call's me spammer because of the link's, picture's I share on my facebook account. Speaking of giveaway maybe their's someone out their who might be interested to join Rochelle Rivera Blog First Year Anniversary Giveaway  Here's a sneak peak of the prize's you might WIN!






Sorry this is for Philippine Residents Only, The second part will be open for INTERNATIONAL! Stay Tuned International Readers. 

Giveaway Starts May 14, 2014 and Ends on June 15, 2014.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

One Of This Day's I'm Going To Get My Hands On This Babies

This are on my wish list/ birthday wish list or you can say they are just on my list.

Let me tell you something about my face, after I gave birth I notice my face became oily well it's been oily before but not to the point that it causes acne not to mention this stubborn acne are inflamed they're reddish and painful. I always wash my face, took care of it but after giving birth my skin became sensitive thank's hormones!

I tried lot's of product's from facial soap,facial wash, facial scrub, toner, cream, moisturizer that mostly claim for acne prone skin, but they didn't work for me. I even experience peeling from this oil I tried that claimed it can whiten dark spot's caused by acne. Actually as I'm typing right now I have acne break out's that when washing my face it hurt's. And of course my face have dark spot's, you can even play connect the dot's.

But seriously I'm thinking of switching to organic product's, not that I'm tired of having sale's ladies approach me when I go shopping on cosmetic section offering me there product saying "this can improve the state of my skin (the face in particular) it can make my face smooth, dark spot's will dis appear" Usually when that happen I just smile and thank them....

Here's some of the organic product's that I really, really hope one day I can use. First on my list is this Lemon Grass Soap from Milea 

Milea's All Organics Virgin Coconut oil based Lemongrass face and body soap contains Lemongrass oil and extract from the Cymbopogon Citratus variety of lemongrass using the steam distillation method.
Milea's Lemongrass soap: 
  • Cures and prevents pimples.
  • Curing of itching and skin disease like warts and fungal infection.
  • Tighten and smooth the skin.
  • Eliminates body odor.tones and deodorizes. Great for oily and pimple prone skin.
Second is the Lemon Grass Facial Toner

It kills pimple-causing bacteria that builds up on skin on a daily basis as well as tightens pores and evens skin tone. And also I can't forget my mom I'm planning of giving her this Rosehips Cream 

Through high Rosehip oil content, it provides the skin nutrients necessary to maintain young, healthy and radiant skin. It rejuvenates and repairs skin tissues, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and early aging. By stimulating the regeneration and moisturizing of your skin tissues, it gives your skin a luminous and healthy glow.

Third is the Tea Tree Oil from Aromacology 

"Melaleuca Alternifolia" or Tea Tree is Nature's most effective, versatile healer for skin problems. Native of Australia first discovered the healing ability, and clinical studies have shown that it's over a 100 times more powerful than other leading antiseptics, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. It has been used for cold sores, warts, fungal, ance, bacterial infection, burns, candida, athlete's foot, insect bites, oily skin, abscess, blisters, dandruff, eczema and rushes. Has Verr herbaceous smell.

And since I want to have choices and I heard quite a lot of good reviews on Ilog Maria awesome product's I just there Honey mint Beeswax lip balm Excellent for wind-burned, cracked and dry lip's soothing when applied on lips. A must try. 

I read a lot of reviews about argan oil and since its pricey I can settle with this Royal Jelly Face Oil

Perfect for dry and cold climates. Restores aging, dry & sensitive skin. Dislodges pimples, blackheads and whiteheads before they get infected. Royal jelly naturally is absorbed directly into subdermal layers where it encourages rejuvenation. It also clears skin of bacteria.  

Another is  the Royal Jelly Cleanser and Moisturizer because it  can be used as a make-up remover. Apply then wipe dry with soft tissue paper. Can be used as a moisturizer too. Just rub into skin and leave on.

And also I can't help my self to look something for my son who have a dry skin and since Ilog Maria's product's are All natural and handmade in there beefarm it's very safe for toddler's and this I found that best suit's for my son's skin there Royal Jelly Honey Milk Lotion 

That's it my "list" I'll definitely  will have them soon, And soon I can bid good bye to my old friend acne and to having an oily face. And as end this I'm living you a picture of me and my little man from our bonding moment's when momma come's home from work every morning. This guy re-energizes me, my stress buster my LIFE!  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Want Some Gift Discount

Interested in firmoo glasses? Do you want to save if ever you're planning to purchase?

I have a firmoo gift discount for  the glasses available here  that can  save off $30 on the frames.

It is shipping excluded and cant apply to the discounted products. 
Interested in the $30 Gift Discount? I just need you to do some favor, contact me for those who are interested I'll wait. And I almost forgot this gift discount will expire on May 23rd 2014 EST

I won this gift discount at prelel.com (check her website by the way) when I joined one of her giveaway's and since I sort of can't afford the shipping fee and I don't want this gift discount to go to waste I'm giving this to some one interested if there is some one interested. 

Mother's Day Sale By Romwe

It’s a very big sale because of the amount of items on sale & the discounts provided. Over 1000 products are on discount, up to 70% off!

And also check there flash sale too. Romwe has NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

I just happen to make my first ever purchase on Romwe, thank's to Ocrun for the coupon. It really made my day. And you made my first ever purchase on Romwe possible. Why Ocrun? Kindly Read my post here

To The Most Selfless Woman I am Infinitely Grateful

Not because it's mother's day on Saturday I'm making this post in honor of my dearest mother. But it's in every day that I express my love to her, it doubled when I my self became a mother my self. It's mother's day every day at home. Why? Because it's the memory that matters most the time we spend with them, the "I love you's" that we say, laughter we make. Because it's not forever, so better show our sincere appreciation, LOVE and spend precious time with them. 

And here's a photo overload of her, I now know what I'll look like when I reach her age, of course I'll look like my mother! Most of our relative's said so and that makes me happy. Mom I may not give you a treat on Saturday I'm kind of short financially. But I promise I'll make it up next week and on the coming day's. As for me I'm not expecting anything from my husband because his not the type who surprises his "wife"on special occasion's he even forgot my birthday our wedding anniversary. He even forgets to communicate this past weeks, I have no idea if his still alive or his still in his assignment. Any way that's a different issue I'm having maybe I'll post about my marriage issue's here. 

 Mom with his grandson

My Brother and Mom
Mom and me

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Post Contest By Ocrun

Ocrun Post Contest

What is ocrun?

Ocrun.com is the leading supplier of online shopping for Lolita clothing. There company is REIYI INTERNET TECHNOLOGY,originally located in FLAT/RM 1202 12/F TUNG CHUN COMM CENTRE 438-444 SHANGHAI ST KL,Hong Kong, aiming to operate the business-to-customer transaction with consumers worldwide. our telephone is 86-025-84231860. Along with the rapid development of Electronic Business in China, Ocrun has earned itself a solid reputation for high quality, reliability, craftsmanship, careful packing and swift logistics support . Ocrun brings tangible benefits to customers through favorable policy, affiliate discount, privacy protection and well-rounded customer support. 

How to Join Ocrun Post Contest?

1. Follow Fans of lolita on facebook (link provided below) make sure that you've signed in to your face book account before clicking the link below then Share and Like there post.
Fans of Lolita
2. Register on Ocrun.com
And the rest of the details can be found on there face book page.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sheinside Tuesday Blog Giveaway

Sheinside  will be giving away this floral dress to 3 lucky girls. They need to share the dresses link to other social platforms. The more shares the merrier. This will end on May 12. Good Luck!

Click ME for the LINK to SHARE

Thursday, May 1, 2014

HUGE Flash Sale at Romwe

HUGE Flash Sale at Romwe. Everything $9.99 + FREE Shipping!

To celebrate International Labor Day ROMWE will launch Hottest and Biggest flash sale from May 2 to May 2, 2014The original price of these 653 indie design clothes is about $30. Now all $9.99! The lowest price ever! Free shipping! Limited supply! First come, first get! 3 days only!
See details: http://www.romwe.com/flashsale/activeleft?active_id=464

New coupons for May:
Coupon code1:May10off  $10 off $50+, free shipping, ends on May 31,2014
Coupon code2:May15off  $15 off $80+, free shipping, ends on May 31,2014
Coupon code3:May22off  $22 off $120+, free shipping, ends on May 31,2014

*I am not compensated by this post, I only want to share this in case there will be people who can use this coupon codes in purchasing at Romwe

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First ever gDayX in Iloilo

Last April 26, 2014 at Amigo Terrace Hotel, all business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, students and freelancer's also those who work Information technology in IloiloCity who are interested and wants to learn how technology works for their businesses and profession gathered on this free event the Google Business Group: GDayXIloilo.

Speakers from the different Google communities and other relevant industries discuss various topics on technology, marketing and social media. 

Hopefully there will be more events like this. 

Thank's Google Business Group Iloilo for your hard work.
Also to the sponsors I hope you will not get tired sponsoring this very educational event.

Thanks Liez,Penny and GBGIloilo for the pictures.

 Sorry for this picture, I only have a point and shoot camera