Friday, May 9, 2014

To The Most Selfless Woman I am Infinitely Grateful

Not because it's mother's day on Saturday I'm making this post in honor of my dearest mother. But it's in every day that I express my love to her, it doubled when I my self became a mother my self. It's mother's day every day at home. Why? Because it's the memory that matters most the time we spend with them, the "I love you's" that we say, laughter we make. Because it's not forever, so better show our sincere appreciation, LOVE and spend precious time with them. 

And here's a photo overload of her, I now know what I'll look like when I reach her age, of course I'll look like my mother! Most of our relative's said so and that makes me happy. Mom I may not give you a treat on Saturday I'm kind of short financially. But I promise I'll make it up next week and on the coming day's. As for me I'm not expecting anything from my husband because his not the type who surprises his "wife"on special occasion's he even forgot my birthday our wedding anniversary. He even forgets to communicate this past weeks, I have no idea if his still alive or his still in his assignment. Any way that's a different issue I'm having maybe I'll post about my marriage issue's here. 

 Mom with his grandson

My Brother and Mom
Mom and me

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