Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Link's Check This Out

I love this DIY Lace Cuffs will do this too.

Since I have a natural curly hair and I love my son that much he inherited momma's curly hair too (thank's gene's) tips for caring for your kids' curly hair 

In raising a son for every mom... worth reading

Travelling With Toddler (My Version)

My almost 3 year old boy had his first airplane ride when he was 1 year old (luck him) I'm on my mid 20's when I had my plane ride.I have worries maybe he'll have tantrums,throw up or cry. But... none happen instead out of curiousity and maybe excitement he loved travelling by plane,
I made some research on what to give a toddler to lessen headache's or motion sickness, and lollipop is good to avoid pressure in there ear's but I chose giving them baby bottle's or feeding them during take off 
this works best for my son. So far he didn't threw up or cried he loved flying, he won't even sit still he always move near the window ( for the view) but as time goes by after minute's of recklessness he feel's
sleepy and will just reach for his momma and sleep. 

Here's my style travelling with a toddler.

a.) Before the scheduled flight make sure your baby had a good sleep.

b.) Make sure to bring his favorite toy's, blanket in my case my son's pillow is his favorite.

c.) Bring snack's in case you detect an up coming tantrum's. In my case my son love's scanning that will end up to tearing the magazine or kicking the seat in front of him.

d.) Toddler's can occupy there own sit it's better to let them sit window side let them look out the window. 

And most important to avoid motion sickness there are over the counter medicine's you can take an hour before for toddler's there chewable. Or you can give lollipop's let them suck it before take off, don't worry mom sweet's don't make kids hyper there naturally hyper.
Or you can give them there baby bottle (this works for my son all the time) And also be very patient and enjoy your flight.

 First Air Plane Ride (Cebu)

 Air Plane Ride (Palawan)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hollow-out Lace Crochet Black Blouse - ROMWE

Girly or sexy? Edgy or elegant? Lace shows feminine charm. It can be worn as a cover up when your on the beach or a casual night out with friends or in a romantic date with your special someone. I have one lace crochet blouse but not by ROMWE it's actually colored brown and sleeveless wore it last December on our company Christmas Party. 

Scanning on my email I saw that  ROMWE is having a sale, ROMWE fashion editor decide to bring this black lace blouse to you at an unexpected price -- $11.99 there is only 300 pieces available. The sale will start on 1am 27th March GMT. Free shipping as always! Here is an inner coupon: 10offblacklace It will help save another 10% for lace blouse on 27th March. 

A Gift

I've been joining contest, giveaway's on Facebook. I love giveaway's, (love,love the prize's too) most of the contest giveaway I join are fashion website's, cosmetic's so far I won several contest. The prize's include a Php 1.500 worth of items, a knit jacket and several 20% discount from an international shoe store and from Asia's Leading Online Fashion Destination.

And I'm still joining, who know's maybe next time, with my fingers crossed hoping for lots and lots of good luck... I'll win!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

“A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014.”

I'm late joining but I want to catch up, my apologies. Also since my blog is just a work in progress. 

So ladies and gentlemen here's my share. 

He love's his picture taken on his suppose to be stuff toy's bin. So fluffy friends your out in he goes and click...

Stars and Cars

My son has a thing on stars and cars. Actually he loves them so much that when he see's a commercial on t.v with a child having a star for doing good in school, he runs to me or his granny asking for a star too. Car's on the other hand is influenced my the movie Car's, he love's  it so much that he already saw the movie 50 times and counting. He even have a cars cake during his 2nd birthday last year, he have a Mc Queen toy car that is now wheel-less but he still play with it. I'm actually planning to have another car's cake for his 3rd birthday. 

Another thing my dear son loves is his pillow, other kids have their blanket or teddies my son can't sleep with out his pillow, it's actually a throw pillow my mom gave. We bought it with us when we went to Palawan, he want's it when he want's to lie down during out plane ride, and at the airport even when we have our island hopping. I hope when his a big boy he will out grow his fondness on his pillow.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

When You’re Down To Nothing, God Is Up To Something.

Ever felt down, that problems keep on coming, your financially unstable, emotionally stressed add to it you have health problems. Frustrations and it keeps on coming. Other people will obviously give in to this trials they will become depressed and so the people around them. When I feel down, I do get angry but I keep telling my self "this will be temporary" things will eventually change. 

I'm hopeful and optimistic, but sometimes I kind of question my self, why Am I still in this situation? I'm doing all I can to get out of it. Is it I'm not doing my best? When negativity strike, my faith takes over and remind my self that good things are coming! So tonight when I checked my email I saw this quote "When You’re Down To Nothing, God Is Up To Something."And lastly I found this quote while browsing my facebook wall, "God wouldn't have allowed a challenge to happen if He didn't plan for something good to come from it."

Norman Vincent Peal said, “Every problem contains the seed of its own solution. If you don’t get any problems, you don’t get any seeds.”

"When you commit yourself to optimistic thinking, you’ll be better equipped to overcome life’s difficulties and create a life of happiness and success"

And before I forget are you familiar of Bubblews? If ever your interested sharing your ideas, opinions basically anything as long as you are dedicated writing stuffs and eventually get PAID in EVERY view, comment, like/dislike and social media shares for EVERY post that you EVER write on bubblews. 

In my case I haven't reached the minimum pay out which is $50.00 because I think on what I post there, I dont post for the sake that I can post you know what I mean, I also read other bubblers post before I comment or like there post. And this is legit I did a research before signing up. 

So if your interested sign up here at mommalovespaul

God Bless

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Visiting PALAWAN ( where to stay)

While in Puerto Princessa City Palawan, we stayed at Prima Residences it's home'y and peaceful perfect if you prefer to rest after a long tiring day having fun roaming the City, you can have all the necessity you need because  theirs a small store outside the residence. Prima is not at the city proper but it's not that far, you can take a tricycle the fare ranges from 10 peses to 15 pesos if you want to roam around the city or you can take a multi cab fare ranges from 8 pesos to 10 pesos just ask the driver if it will pass the Capitol. Another budget friendly pension house you can stay is  Vim Pension House my husband chose this since he wanted to spend time with us on our short stay in Palawan . Air Conditioned room, private rest room with t.v room rates starts at 600 Php

Vim Pension House 
32 Fernandez Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, 5300, Philippines
Phone:+63 48 433 3190

Paul's Travel

WARNING PHOTO OVERLOAD. But before that.... I'm quite shy to admit that I'm on my 20's when I get the chance to ride an airplane. And when I became a mom I promised my self that at least once a year I can get a chance to travel, Thank God it came true and I'm able to bring my son with me last year we went to Cebu and this 2014 we went to Palawan. Finally I already warned you here's the photo's. 2013 Cebu